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LIDA EISENBRUKGrowing up in the Czech Republic Lida Eisenbruk had almost always been aware of and drawn to the work of the great illustrator and compatriot, Alphonse Mucha. His sensuous, free-flowing use of line, his vibrant colors, his opulent staging, his love of and celebration of the female form, all qualities which the designer even when still a girl understood intuitively and felt a strong connection to. A free spirit and true Bohemian, Lida left home in her teens to pursue a career as a painter, studying under a Czech national treasure. During her country’s most heady days of revolution, she found herself in the heart of the burgeoning art and music scenes. Befriended by rockers, painters, poets, photographers and artists, Lida felt the pull of fashion. Having grown up in a family with a long history in the textile industry, Lida made the natural leap from paint to fabric, and from the canvas to the sketchbook, immediately finding her true voice and calling.



Bang Couture was born out of the serendipitous marriage of all of Lida’s childhood and adolescent loves, and her experiences as a hired gun over a quarter century for European and North American fashion brands. When the time came to launch her own label, she immediately knew under what name she would market herself. Gleaned from her travels, a word that could be found throughout Scandinavia, and which uniformly meant the same thing in so many sister languages, bang or awe-inspiring. Her label would be the go-to brand for women looking to be women, inspiring awe, celebrating their sensuality, embracing those qualities that are so apparent in the models of Alphonse Mucha, confidence, inner beauty, and that Bohemian Je ne sais quoi which is the mark of every great fashion brand.


Entirely designed and partially made in Montreal, a gem of a city, the storied nexus of style and adventure from the jazz age through to the present day, Bang Couture’s outerwear is produced through a select group of carefully vetted international partners. With quality, sustainability, and sophistication as its watchwords and an unwavering dedication to dressing strong and independent women, the free spirits, the present day Bohemians, Bang Couture is a young brand with a growing following. Having made its mark on the runway, and already known to and worn by fashionistas and celebrities such Miss Universe Canada and Virginie Coossa, the label is on course to becoming a significant player in the global women’s outerwear market


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